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A Walk Down Memory Lane….

30 Jul

Somewhere between the excitement of taking part in my first 30 for 30 challenge and the next 30 days I was starting to believe that my outfits just weren’t “good enough”. But I have to say, going through all of these pictures together and creating this re-cap got me thinking that I didn’t do too bad after all. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done (and some days it wasn’t even fun), but I’m really glad I did it.

My favorite outfits from the challenge were: 4, 9, 13, 20, 22, 27, and 28. In the spirit of being positive I’m not going to tell you my least favorites, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on my 30 for 30 hits and misses!


The End!

25 Jul


That’s a wrap for my first 30 for 30 challenge (insert happy dance here)! I’ve been done for about a week now but I sort of let real life get in the way of keeping my on-line persona updated.  I’m not going to delve into the details of what I’ve been doing (because it wasn’t all that interesting), but I will share my thoughts on the whole 30 for 30 thing in my re-cap post tomorrow.

I realize this outfit has an awful lot of purple going on (anybody else feel like having Kool-aid?) but I’m rather proud of the whole wearing a dress as a skirt thing.




Weather Challenged

21 Jul

{Shirt: The Garage, Tee: Smart Set, Jeans: Reitmans}

According to all my sources on twitter, it is summer in the rest of the country. Sadly though it’s still winter on the we(s)t coast. Which means that the only pair of full length pants I included in my 30 for 30 picks has to work overtime. Yup, I broke out the wide legged jeans again.

Last week Tanvii wrote about skinny jeans vs wide legged, and I have to say that I’m definitely sticking to the flares. What do you prefer?


Wear Your Own Clothes Mom

19 Jul

{Cardigan: Gap, Shirt: Forever 21, Skirt: Reitmans}

{Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Ricki’s}

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before but the cardigan I’m wearing here is from Gap Kids. Shopping in the children’s department wasn’t intentional, someone abandoned it in the women’s section and I was just so excited by the $7.99 price tag that I scooped it right up without checking the label. But what’s even better about this outfit is that my seven year old son thought  I was wearing his shirt.

First he looked at me rather suspiciously and then asked “Where did you get that shirt?” To which I responded; “the store”. So he looks up at me and says “It looks exactly like mine,” shakes his head, and walks away very disappointed. Of course I checked his closet and yup, he owns pretty much the exact same shirt. Today’s style lesson: seven year old boys don’t like to dress like their Mom.


Lost & Found

15 Jul

I was going to skip posting these pictures because my eye and cheek were still swollen when they were taken, but I decided to forget the vanity and add some outfits to the challenge!




Double Whamy

13 Jul

{Cardigan: Jacob, Dress: Joe Fresh, Shoes: Payless}


Since I’m a little behind on posting my 30 for 30 outfits because of the whole lost camera and swollen face issues, I’m posting a double-whamy today. I noticed when I was uploading these images that they have two of my favorite items in common: a cardigan and wide belt. I tend to repeat this combo quite a bit, but it is just so easy to pull together that I can’t help it.

On a completely unrelated note; check out my bangles in the second pic, can you believe I’ve had those since I was 10 and just wore them for the first time. One of my cousin’s bought me those when I went to India in 1990 and I’ve hung on to them because of sentimental value but never worn them. Even stranger is the fact that my wrists are apparently the same size as a 10 year old.


{Tee: Smart Set, Cardigan: Forever 21, Skirt: Unknown}

Look Ma, It’s My Face!

10 Jul

{Tee: Smart Set, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Payless}

At the risk of sounding completely vain, I can’t tell you how excited I was to see my face in the mirror this morning! Now let me remind you that for the last four days my face looked surprisingly similar to Will Smith’s face in Hitch just after he eats the shellfish. Seriously, the only thing I was missing was a swollen ear. Turn’s out I had an infected tear duct which caused a massive inflammation of my right eye and cheek. Not a very pretty picture. That’s said, I’m back and dying to finish my 30 for 30 and incredibly bummed that I’m now four days behind (cue the violins).

During my three days of forced bed rest I did manage to look at every single blog listed on the remixers page. (I can get pretty crazy obsessed when I’m under the influence of heavy painkillers). I find some pretty great bloggers to add to my daily reads, but was also sad to see that a lot of remixers are dropping out somewhere around outfits 18-23. I get it, because I thought about it last week too.  The easy thing to do right now would be to pack it in, jump into the rest of my clothes and be semi-proud of myself for hitting number 19, but this is what it’s all about, the home stretch is when you learn the real lesson; maximizing your own closet.

It’s not easy as it seems to come up with 30 great outfits from 30 pieces of clothing and shoes (exhibit a: the boring outfit I’m wearing above), but that’s the point; to stretch your limits, be creative and resourceful with what you have. (Or at least that’s what I think the point is.) So in that spirit, if you are a fellow remixer please don’t quit, we are almost there!

Wondering what the remix is all about? More details here