Better Than Meatloaf

29 Jun

I was going to name this post leftovers because this outfit is actually from last Sunday, but then I remembered my internet idol Kendi named one her posts that last week. So, “Better Than Meatloaf” it is. To that most of you are probably thinking; my Mom’s meatloaf is way better than this outfit. Probably true.

I wore this outfit on Sunday afternoon and it is pretty much the exact same as this one with a different cardigan, belt, and necklace. It isn’t the most creative option but definitely is my go to in a pinch; cardigan + sundress. Looking at these pictures now I really wish I went with a different belt because the gold clasp is really sticking out (in a not so nice way).

In case your wondering why I’ve been showing off my recycled weekend wear this week; I’ve been working extra hours at the card shop wearing my boring uniform. Good news is: I’m off for a few days now so I can get back to remixing. Bad news is: I’m feeling totally uninspired and uncreative (is that a word?) Looks like I might have to spend a little time “window shopping” for outfit ideas on my favorite blogs today. No complaints about that!

Where do  you look for inspiration for new outfits? Any of you using pinterest to collect your ideas?

Wondering what all the numbers are about? (Or why I keep wearing the same clothes?) I took the 30 for 30 challenge. For more details click here.




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