These Boots Are Not Made For Walking

6 Jun

{Dress: Unknown, Tee Shirt: Blue Notes,  Shoes: WalMart}

{Bracelets: Forever 21}

You know how I’m always talking about making well thought out shopping decisions and avoiding impulse buys. Well imagine me eating my words right now. Last week I was lured by the $5 price tag on these boots at Wal-Mart and of course I couldn’t resist. As you can see from the title of my post, they aren’t exactly comfortable. But the good news is, my backyard and office are both only about 10 feet away from the shoe stand so they will be great for work at home days!

Since I’ve decided to participate in Kendi’s 30 x 30 challenge starting on Monday, I’m going to try not to wear the pieces I picked for the challenge this week. Today I stood in front of the closet staring at all the clothes that are “off-limits” until next week and felt a little deprived. Ironically, in a few weeks I’ll probably be sick of the same pieces.



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    […] I wore this outfit earlier this week but was a little embarrassed to post it. Partially because it felt a little “Hannah Montana” after I saw it in pictures, and also because it’s quite wrinkly. Wrinkly dress I get, but wrinkly tights? That takes talent. And for some strange reason I looked really mad in almost every pic, (but that may be because of my non-walking shoes). […]

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