Secretary Chic

22 May

Shirt: Ricki’s, Skirt: Ann Klein, Shoes: Payless, Bracelet: Forever 21

Today’s outfit is reminiscent of something I would have worn to my office job BB (before babies). Now that I work from home and most of my clients are pretty laid back, it’s rare for me to dress up in something more corporate looking.

This beg’s the question, why would I get so dressed up on a Sunday afternoon? Well there’s something you don’t know about me (take a guess, what do you think it could be?) Can’t handle the suspense? Okay I’ll tell you, twice a week I work at a local card shop. Before you get carried away let me clarify, it’s a greeting card shop. That’s right, I sell sentiments. It’s not rocket science but it gets me out of the house and helps pay the bills.

The card shop uniform is black and white, and usually I wear boring black pants with a boring white tee-shirt. I would like to dress up in fun mod white and black outfits, but we also receive stock and that gets pretty messy. Today however being Sunday, there will be no stock delivered and I am free to dress as I wish. So I took my cue from this outfit I saw last week and went with a secretary chic look.

I love how three simple and basic pieces come together to create this outfit; black skirt, skinny black belt and a casual button down shirt. As an added bonus, I thrifted this Ann Klein skirt with the tags on for $4.99, can’t beat that.


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