Make Up Test

2 May

Where: Project meeting with a client

What: Shirt: Garage,  Pants: Reitmans, Coat: Gap

Last week was like a really bad week in high school for me. There was some unnecessary drama in the family, I was totally behind on client projects, and it felt like I had nothing to wear all week. If this was really high school I probably would have called in sick (I did have cramps) and then just begged my teacher to let me take a make up test.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) I’m not in high school anymore so, I had drag myself away from all the drama and get some work done. In the process I did take some pictures but never got a chance to post them. So today’s post is a little blast from the past (well actually last week), but you get the point. I’m starting to wonder how all the other amazing bloggers that I follow manage to keep up with everything in their “real” life and still manage their online persona. Any tips?

Where:Easter egg hunt in the backyard

What: Dress: Thrifted, Cardigan: Ricki’s, Belt: Urban Behavior

Where: Working in a client’s office

What: Jacket: Urban Behaviour, Shirt: Smart Set, Necklace &  Skirt: Ricki’s

Where: Working from my home office

What: Shrug: Urban Behavior, Tee: Smart Set, Jeans: George (Wal-Mart), Shoes: Payless


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