Noisy Reading & Closet Purging

11 Apr


olive cardigan and wide leg jeans


I finally started the much talked about closet purge this morning, and happily found this olive-green cardigan which had gone missing some time ago. So it only seemed fitting to break it out when I dropped the little guy off at school and then hung around for noisy reading (footnote: my 7-year-old is totally offended when I call him little guy, and noisy reading is when all  23 of the kids in his class read to their parents at the same time, cool huh?).

As you’ve probably already noticed, I’m obsessed with my wide-leg jeans which were also seen here, here, and here. Next time I take them out for a spin the plan is to pair them with shorter heels so they graze the floor like Jessica did here. Of course that’s only going to be possible if the weather ever takes a turn for the better.

On a side note I am planning detailed posts about the actually process of purging, organizing and re-building my wardrobe, but in the meantime here is a behind the scenes look at the mayhem in my bedroom right now:



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