We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled Programming….

24 Mar

Since I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing, and not really a rock star (except for in my own head) it might be presumptuous of me to think that anyone is missing me, but still I thought an explanation for my absence might be nice. Basically, I haven’t posted any pictures because I’m sick and trust me, no one wants to see what I look like right now. This has however made me realize that I need to have a back up plan for times when I’m going to be less than presentable in the future.

In other news, I’m taking advantage of my down time by cleaning out my closet and really setting it up for success. I read this blog post by Kendi of Kendi Everyday (and since I’m totally obsessed with the girl), I’m taking it to heart and starting with the purging. This part is really hard for mebecause honestly about 40% of my closet is filled with impulse buys, ill-fitting clothes, or things I have an emotional attachment to. But, if I’m going to create a working closet and really enjoy getting dressed everyday, getting organized and cleaned out is a must.


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    […] started to tackle my closet organization project when I was off sick last week but never quite made it through. On Saturday however, I had a sudden gust of super-human […]

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