Looking for Inspiration

14 Mar

Monday’s are really important to the success of my week. If I have a bad Monday it can take me all week to recover, and by that time it’s already Friday so what’s the point right? Well, this morning really sucked; I woke up with a massive headache, got into a dispute with the postal service, and got a nasty email from a client. I had pretty much written off today until I saw this post from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere about everything that is going on in Japan right now. It was an instant mind shift.

Instead of moping around and focusing on all the things that are going wrong today I decided to look for inspiration and some new project ideas around me. The first thing I did was update the images on my inspiration wall. (You can see the old images here)

Next, I chose a paint colour for the ugly old 1980’s style plant stand that has been hanging out in our living room, drum roll please………………….. orange! We’ve never incorporated orange into our decor before, but since we have inherited a printed navy carpet at our new place, I thought why not orange?

Picking through my fabric bins came next. After very little deliberation I decided it is time to create something out of this beautiful sequined fabric I’ve been saving for years. It’s actually a dupatta from one of my mom’s old Indian outfits circa 1987, but I think it’s going to look amazing as a shift dress for spring.

I totally forgot about this little box I picked up at the local thrift and just re-discovered it today. It’s a wooden cutlery chest but I think it will make a great jewelery box, sewing kit, or a cute little spot to hold ribbons, glue guns, and random craft supplies. I honestly don’t know what this one is going to be….

So these are my projects for the next few weeks, what do you have in the pipelines?


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