Favorite Finds

3 Mar

I had some time to wander around a few home decor stores yesterday and “shop” for inspiration. As much fun as it is to decorate a new place it can also be overwhelming. There is so much to choose from when you are starting with a clean slate that it can be hard to narrow down your choices. In any case, I found lots of great pieces, so I thought I would share a few….

I love the shape of this table, but what really caught my eye is the colour! I’ve been coveting a turquoise table, painting, or other accessory for the master bedroom for a while now so this jumped right out at me.

I absolutely adore this clock. The classic look with a funky print, it’s totally me; the price on the other hand wasn’t. I passed on the clock but will keep my eyes open for a similar (aka cheaper) option. On a completely unrelated note, it occurred to me yesterday that we don’t own a single traditional clock. Is that strange?

I’m not really sold on the print, but the shape is great. I must have stared at this chair for 15 minutes (total exaggeration, it was more like 3 but felt like 15) trying to figure out why I have never thought of buying oval backed chairs before. Now I just have to choose a shape for our dining table.


I’ve always wanted to have a birdcage in my room, but the hubby feels a bird-less cage is not so appealing. Unfortunately, I’m not really into caged birds. I thought long and hard on how to incorporate this one into my current decor theme because I’m dying to add yellow somewhere, but no ideas yet. Any thoughts?

Not sure what this little guy is meant for, but I picked it up to use as an umbrella stand. I’ve never been really good at organization, but have always loved pretty things. This piece has inspired me to create a pretty and organized entrance area that has a place for umbrellas, gloves, keys, and everything else you need on your way out the door. I smell a thrifting trip this weekend.

I love quotes (and Oscar Wilde) so I can’t believe that I’ve  never seen this one before! This is so perfect that I actually got a little misty eyed when reading it, sad but true. I’m working on a way to incorporate this quote into some DIY artwork to put above my reading chair (seen here), hopefully on a turquoise background.

There were so many other photos, but I’ve only shared the ones that really inspired me to create beautiful surroundings. It’s funny how sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact.


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