Not So “Gloomy” Grey

23 Feb

I’ve never been a big fan of the colour grey, it’s cold, gloomy, dreary, and just overall unappealing. Even describes it as “dismal or dark, especially from lack of light.” Imagine my surprise when I was doing some detailed (and highly important) research on dresses I would like to buy this month, and found myself loving the grey options! So I promptly rushed over to my closet to choose a grey outfit today and found nothing. That’s right, I don’t own a single piece of  grey clothing, which ironically made me a little grey and gloomy.

In an effort to lift my spirits, I’ve collected a montage of grey dresses available online that I currently covet. On a side note, to see what I did end up choosing to wear, check out my Project 365 gallery on Flickr)

  1. Puff Sleeve Tunic, Topshop
  2. Nice & Easy, Dress 911
  3. Jersey Wrap Dress, Topshop
  4. Tiered Chiffon Dress, Topshop
  5. Lace Back Dress, Miss Selfridge
  6. Foil Tier Dress, Miss Selfridge (Yes, I realize this dress is silver but I couldn’t resist!)
  7. Paisley Dress, Topshop
  8. Printed A-Line Shift, Topshop (Okay, this is pushing it a little; but it features grey)
  9. Ruched Sleeve Pocket Dress, Topshop

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