Moving Day

5 Sep

{Photo Credit}

Well it’s official; I’m growing up, putting on my big girl panties at moving to my very own domain… Please click through and join me at my new place!


And I’m Off!

25 Aug

So the title of this post is totally misleading, I’m not going anywhere. Actually, I’m just taking a few days off from the blog to get caught up on some stuff around the house and spend some fun days with the kids before the go back to school. So enjoy the last few days of summer and I will be back after the labour day weekend!

Dress to Impress

23 Aug

Until I started thinking about my clothes so much (and blogging about what I wear), I never realized how much work it is to maintain a functional wardrobe. Just recently I cleaned out my closet, purged through my belongings, and got things organized, and now it’s time to start all over! I’m going to be starting a new job in a few weeks that requires a bit more of a “professional” look than what I wear these days. It’s been a long time since I worked somewhere that had a formal dress code so this is going to be an interesting experience.

I spent some time window shopping on the TopShop website this morning dreaming up new work appropriate outfits, and even picked some interesting pieces. (PS: These are not meant to work together as outfits, they are just a few things that looked good!)

Seeing Spots

17 Aug

{Top: H&M}

{Skirt: Reitmans}

I wish this t-shirt had read better in the pictures so you could see the beautiful teal colour of my spots! But sadly I waited way too long to get outside and take pictures today so the sun got the better of me.

This week has been whizing by at hyper speed, and I can hardly believe it’s Wednesday. There is so much going on at our place right now that I don’t even now where to begin with the re-cap, so here’s a snapshot; Mr. T is going back to school next week, the kids go back two weeks later, I got a new job, and I’m working on a super exciting project with a new media and publishing company! In clothing related news, I may be needing to change my styling a little since I will be spending more time working in an office starting in mid-September (I’ll give you some more details once everything is signed, sealed, and delivered!)


Lessons Learned

13 Aug

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog six months ago. As a perpetual fire-starter and non-finisher of projects, sticking to something for six months is a big deal for me.

I started Pink Chai without a plan or a clear idea of what this blog was going to be about. The only thing I knew was that I needed to get out of my rut and start making some pretty big changes in my life. One thing I’ve always believed in is the way the you look and dress really affects how you feel, so starting with my clothes made complete sense. I haven’t upgraded my wardrobe much (in fact, I purged most of it out), but I have started learn how to maximize what’s already there. And as much as I cribbed about it, the 30 for 30 challenge really helped with learning how to stretch my wardrobe.

So in honor of  half a year of blogging about my good, bad, and questionable outfits, I’ve chosen my six favorite looks and shared the lesson learned below.

{Secretary Chic}

The lesson here is easy; classic pieces with simple accessories always look good. A basic black skirt and pinstripe blouse are dressed up with a black belt, hose, and stacked bracelets. If I was wearing this outfit for an evening out; a quick switch to high heels and it would be perfect.

{Double Whamy}

This one is a two-in-one for me; embrace colour and ignore the “rules”. Normally I would wear a monotone outfit and add colour through a scarf or cardigan, but lately I’ve really tried to infuse my outfits with layers of colour. The hardest part of this has been ignoring all the strange rules I’ve created in my subconscious about colour combinations. Things like never wear red and green together because they look to “Christmasee”, or black and navy together look like you got dressed in the dark, etc., etc. Glad to say that I’ve gotten over that!

{Pink Perfection}

This one is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. I had this skirt for months but was never courageous enough to wear it until I started the blog. But once I wore it, it instantly became one of my favorite pieces and I’ve worn it several times since then.

{Copy Cat (or Monkey)}

This outfit made me realize that I can create a look that is sort of “dressed up casual”. I usually go for outfits that are one extreme or the other: super casual or very dressed up, but something like this actually works a lot better for my life right now. In a look like this I’m just as comfortable playing at the park with kids, or dropping in for a quick visit with a client. (Most of the projects I’m working on right now are with pretty laid back and casual clients).

{Inspiration to Outfit}

Recreating an outfit that I was inspired by might be the most important lesson I’ve learned. In the past I would look at a great outfit and think that I would have to purchase every piece (or something very similar to it) in the original outfit to recreate the look, but that’s absolutely not true. This look was inspired by a very bold floral skirt and shirt with a large gingham check, not exactly the same but the idea is similar.  (Inspiration outfit here)

{Bad Hair Great Skirt}

This one was a real eye opener for me: if something works repeat it. When I started this blog I had all these wonderful ideas about creating original outfits everyday, and never repeating the same look twice, what was I thinking? Now I feel the total opposite, once I find a silhouette and a look I love and feel comfortable in I try to recreate it with other pieces from my closet. This outfit incorporates so many things that I love; cardigan with a thin belt, knee-length pleated skirt, patterned flats, and colour. It will definitely be repeated!

Layered Summer

12 Aug

{Sweater: Liz Claiborne, Jeans: Reitmans}

{Belt: Forever 21}

{Shoes: Payless}

So I’ve finally decided to quit complaining about our temperamental summer weather and embrace it instead. Heck, it’s good practice for fall. I absolutely love this sweater and have been saving it to wear with the perfect LBD, but since I haven’t found one yet, I broke it out yesterday with my wide leg jeans. I had a few meetings and also had to run around town for some boring errands, so it was the perfect mix of professional yet casual.

What do you wear when you are going for a dressed down yet professional look?

Bad Hair Great Skirt

10 Aug

{Cardigan: Jacob, Skirt: Liz Claiborne, thrifted)

{Belt: Payless}

{Shoes: Walmart}

All I have to say today is; I love this skirt, and what the heck is going on with my hair in these pictures? That’s it, I’m done. Okay, that seems lazy even for me….

This outfit is from Monday but I was so busy gushing over my striped skirt that I forgot to post the pictures. This is definitely my favorite silhouette right now. Knee-length pleated skirt, fitted cardigan, and pretty flats; you can’t go wrong. It might be a fashion faux-pas to repeat the same look over and over, but a look like this is just so easy to put together. In the fall I’ll just add a long sleeve cardigan or a blazer and some boots. Looks like I’m set for the next 360 days or so.